Cast Iron Skillet Frittata

I had an inspiration this morning for another leftover ham dish.  I fixed it for brunch, but it would be good for dinner or any time.  If you want to mess up all those dishes so early in the morning, be my guest and make it for breakfast.  I am a messy cook and can use almost every pan in the kitchen on a good day.  Just ask my girls.  But today it was me on my own to cook and clean!

Back to the leftover ham.  I had put it in the freezer, so I had to peel off about three slices and defrost in the microwave for a couple of minutes.  At that point it was ready to dice.  At this rate I think I have about 3 more meals, maybe 4 from a small, sliced ham I received as a gift for Christmas.  Be thrifty and use up those gifts.

Anyway, it is a cold, grey day here today and the kitchen is the place for me to be.  Even at work on a day like this I would prefer to be at home baking.

As we move into a new year the Tumbleweed Contessa crew wishes you the best.  May you have all you need and your health, your faith, and your family be secure.

Blessings and best wishes for a Happy New Year!     The Contessa (Linda)

Ham Salad from Leftovers

I saw a recipe very similar to this on The Southern Lady Cooks and it reminded me immediately of the ham salad my momma made on Mondays after we had ham on Sunday for supper.  I think she could make a ham last forever.  We had ham on Sunday, ham salad sandwiches on Monday for lunch during the summer, ham and scalloped potatoes one day, and then she would use the ham bone in ham and noodles or ham and beans.  She was thrifty.  With a family of 6 to feed she had to be.  Most of all it was all soooo good!  She didn’t have recipes.  They just came to her and she made it from what she had on hand.

I have a lot of leftovers around here.  I had all the children and their families here during the Christmas holidays.  You would have thought I was feeding an army with the amount of food I prepared.  While the main meal was good, the leftovers in small portions are sometimes even better.  We had a clean-out-the-frig dinner one evening and had a little of all our favorites.  It was really good to eat a little of some things again.

I’ve adapted this recipe to my taste.  I used prepared mustard and no eggs in mine.  (That’s how Momma made it.) The paprika is my addition and it adds a nice spiciness that I like.  It took me right back to a summer afternoon lunch.  Sandwiches on white bread, potato chips and Kool-Aid.  Good times and good memories and good food.

Ham Salad