Pea and Carrot Potstickers

From BigSister and MiddleSister

What a timely ingredient pair for this month’s Ingredient Improv Challenge organized by Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker.  We two sisters are spending spring break together with MiddleSister’s two little girls.  We are like peas and carrots!  As we hear screaming from the bathroom, while we merrily work in the kitchen, we are reminded this wasn’t always the case.  These two peas and carrots used to be more like oil and water.  A phase we happily grew out of in our later years. We pretend that we are very different as grown ups, but we know that isn’t true.  While we each maintain the personality traits that drove each other CRAZY as youngsters, we have learned to accept them.  The good stuff is a lot more alike than we’ll ever admit.  We did pretty good for two different girls that shared a room for most of our growing years though.  One of us was neat and organized the other one of us was a pack rat.  We aren’t telling who.  Even though we fought against each other, it was the foolish other child that messed with one of us.  We could scream and yell at each other all we wanted, but Lord help you if you did!

So, when faced with a challenge from the world, we did what we always do when push comes to shove.  We put our heads together and came up with this recipe.  We think our Mom will be proud.

Pea and Carrot Potstickers

Take a look at some other Pea and Carrot ideas from great cooks around the blogosphere.

Oven Fried Pickle Pimiento Cheese Sandwiches

Guest Post by Big Sister

My mother is rolling her eyes and saying this is a little far-fetched, but really, it tastes good.   I promise!  She also thinks I need to add mayonaise to the pimiento cheese but I hate mayonaise.   It is really a combination of two already posted recipes.  I wanted to do fried green tomatoes but there wasn’t a store in town cooperating with me.  Its almost time to grow my own!  They say we might hit 90 degrees here next week.  I know, I know, global warming is bad but I have had enough of winter!

Anyway, make up the recipe for these two recipes then put them together and VOILA!  A yummy tasting snack that I bet know one else is bringing to the Super Bowl party.

Pimiento Cheese and Oven Fried Pickles

I used my melon baller to get a little scoop of pimiento cheese and place it on one pickle.  Then I topped with another pickle.  I got the print outs for the toppers from Diana Rambles. I used double sided tape to stick them to toothpicks.

Oven Fried Pimiento Cheese Pickle Sandwich


You’ve got one more day to show us your great stuff at the Super Bowl party:

Pimiento Cheese Stuffed Peppers

A guest post by Big Sister

2013 Superbowl and Chili

I can’t stand not to get in on this party. My Mom is having so much fun. I am seeing such great stuff that I don’t know where to start.  So, here is one addition and I have two more coming this week.  My neighborhood is having a Super Bowl Party and I will be bringing these things.  My neighbors love the spicy stuff so I had to take my regular pimiento cheese and add some more zing to it.

Stuffed Peppers

Super Bowl Star Appetizers

We have spicy, rich, succulent so now we have a savory appetizer for my Super Bowl party.  This came about because a friend at work, Sue, gave me some cute little tubes to bake bread in – a star, a heart and a flower.  I had to try them out.  But what was I doing to do with a loaf of bread?

The star looked most appealing and if a certain Texas team had made it to the Super Bowl, they would have been perfect –  not to be this year, at least.

Savory Bread Stars

These are pretty simple and any good crusty bread would work. You could even use baguette rolls or a long loaf of crusty French bread.  Just don’t make them too far ahead.

This is the perfect appetizer for any party.

Guest Post: Buffalo Chicken Dip

Our dear friend and Girl Scout Leader wanted to share this dip for the Super Bowl party with everyone.  She has a great and interesting blog Pearls on a Pig. Recently, she made Girl Scout cookie costumes to help her troop with cookie sales.  Check it out!  She just hasn’t had time to post this there.  You know, she is busy being a mother, worker, Girl Scout leader and volunteer.  She is a great baker and cook and this is one of her great recipes that I have personally taste tested.  So, here it is.  Enjoy!

Popcorn, Pretzels and Pecans

Snacks are essential for a Super Bowl party – especially ones that people can eat without plates or forks.  I usually have a brisket or a pot of chili or burgers to serve too.  Let’s face it, munching while you’re watching 4-6 hours of football IS GOING to happen.  So a few portable snacks are just the thing.

You know I like salty/sweet things and popcorn is one of my favorite snacks.  I decided to add some other favorite munchies to the popcorn for this big game.

These little popcorn boxes are convenient to have sitting around the room in easy-to-reach spots so we don’t have to get up and leave the game at a crucial moment when the snack attack hits!

Sweet and Salty Popcorn Snack Mix


Come share your Super Bowl Snack at my party!

2013 Superbowl and Chili

Small bowls of the pecan halves and pretzel twists alone are a big hit too.  Actually, I haven’t had too much snack food leftover after a Super Bowl Party.  Don’t overdo the snacks though, so the brisket, burgers or chili you serve at half-time will be eaten too.

BBQ Wrapped Lil’ Smokies

I love bread.  There, I’ve said it.  That being said whenever there is a celebration some kind of bread sneaks into the menu.  Now for the Super Bowl I could come up with a long list of bread related food.  Carbs and football go together.

When I picked up this package of Lil’ Smokies I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them.  I have a bar-b-que sauce that they can simmer in and be eaten alone.  Boring.  Then I came to the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls in the can.  You know, the kind you unroll and make all kinds of wonderful sweet and savory food items with?  I can’t remember the last time I baked them as they were originally intended.

This meets most of the requirements for good food.  One is bread; two is savory sausage, and three is salty sweet bar-b-que sauce.

BBQ Wrapped Lil' Smokies

I still wanted a little bar-b-que sauce too. What to do?  I unrolled the crescents and cut the little sausages in half.  Next I spread my favorite bar-b-que sauce (from Rudy’s) on the piece of dough.  I used a pizza cutter to cut each crescent into thirds (long narrow strips) from wide end to point and rolled a piece of sausage in each third.  I began at the wide end and rolled to the point.  Placed them(point down) on a lightly greased baking sheet and baked them for 15 minutes at 350°.

The sauce sort of gets all over the dough and your fingers as you roll.  I sprinkled a little freshly ground black pepper over them before I baked them.  I will serve them with a little sauce to dip them in just in case it is needed.

What are you fixin’ for the Super Bowl?  Do you care who wins?  Or is the food most important? Come share your stuff at my party.

Tumbleweed Contessa Superbowl and Chili Party


Nacho Burger

Someone on Facebook asked, “What are you planning for your Super Bowl eats?” I replied, “A burger and some decadent dip/chip.” Then I started thinking what my choices would be? Nachos are such a good flavor combination to me. Salty chips, cheese, onions, tomatoes, beans and sour cream if you like it. Not my favorite.

When my son lived at home we would have Super Nachos for Sunday supper on occasion. I would spread refried beans on tostado chips, Then brown some ground meat with a taco or fajita seasoning. Drain it and sprinkle it on top of the chips. Load on the grated cheese or jarred queso sauce with onions and tomatoes. They had to be eaten hot out of the broiler. They were so good.

So I have combined my favorite flavors into a burger (without the bun for me). This takes care of a burger and dip/chip choice. Good eats! Good food! Good luck with the team of your choice.

Nacho Burger

Make sure you stop by my Superbowl/Chili party this week to share your ideas and see what others have shared.Tumbleweed Contessa Superbowl and Chili Party

Super Bowl and Chili Party

Time for the ultimate post-holiday winter celebration.  Super Bowl and Chili.  They pretty much go together but they can also stand alone.  This will be open until the end of the game on Sunday.  If you are interested in co-hosting let me know.  So, link up what you have!  Just so you know, we are running a test of GoogleAdwords with Linky Party traffic.  So, we might see some increased traffic levels.  We will be awarding prizes as follows:

  • $25 Starbucks Giftcard to the featured item-Delicious looking Hot Artichoke Dip from Judy at Savoring Today
  • Kitchen Gadget to the entry number corresponding to total passing yards-560 (I may have been overly optimistic on the number of entries here) we will drop the 0 and that leaves us with 56 Susan from ZentMrs and the Mr.
  • Kitchen Gadget corresponding to the total number of turnovers-3 Diana from Diana Rambles
  • Kitchen Gadget corresponding to the total points from both teams-65 Lynn from Turnips 2 Tangerines
  • Kitchen Gadget corresponding to the jersey of the most valuable player-#5 Krista from Every Day Mom’s Meals (Krista is my daughter’s name too :) )

Here are the rules:

  • Please place the button or link up on your site.
  • Link up as many items as you want that have to do with Superbowl or chili (food, crafts, party decorations etc.)
  • Visit at least three other entries.
  • Come back Sunday after the game to see who won.
  • If you don’t have a site and would like to submit a recipe send me the recipe with a picture via email
  • Follow Tumbleweed Contessa and other hostesses (TBD) on Facebook or via email

Superbowl and Chili Cookoff

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Are you ready for some football?  Here is my football watchin chili recipe.  Super Bowl of ChiliChili

Be sure to come back on Monday and join our brand new weekly party.

What'd Ya Do This Weekend

Friday Night Fall Fun Crafts and Baking!

I am playing with my grand girls tonight.  We are baking and doing arts and crafts.  Check out this cool book I found for all kinds of autumn crafts.

Click here to visit Jean Vant Hul’s site.

Mixologists or Bakers?

What did we do tonight? We made cookie dough, pumpkin bars and pizza cups.  Maddie requested plain cookies without those chocolate things.  I asked her if she meant chocolate chips.  She wrinkled her nose and said “Yes, I don’t like those.”   “So you want just plain sugar cookie dough?”  “Yes,” she answered, “but don’t bake them.”  We mixed up plain sugar cookie dough to eat with the fingers!  In case you haven’t noticed mom, it is in your refrigerator.  Maddie and Cameron know it is there.

Next we made some Pumpkin Bars for Cameron.  I discovered she liked pumpkin muffins while we were eating lunch at the Greenery for her birthday.  She loved the mixing and putting them in the baking pan.  She wasn’t very patient while they baked.  She was ready to move on.  And she didn’t try one either.

That evening for dinner I let them make Pizza Cups.  Those were a success!  We rolled the dough, formed them in the mini muffin pans with the Pampered Chef Mini Tart Shaper, put on the jarred pizza sauce, mini pepperonis and cheese.  They were even happy to wait to let them bake and we ate dinner.  They were good!  Success!

So I think my granddaughters have moved to “Mixologists” on their way to bakers.  I’m working on them.



As you may have noticed Maddie is now getting ready for Halloween as Elvira in the wig while she eats the pepperonis rather than put them on the pizzas!