Peach Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwiches

Peach Ice Cream

So, I’ve made this delicious peach ice cream when ice cream sandwiches were brought to my attention.  My mom used to make gingerbread and serve it with cold sliced peaches. Peach Ice Cream

I bought a box mix of ginger bread (Betty Crocker) and made the soft cookie recipe off the box.  They turned out perfectly soft and chewy.  Just what was needed for these ice cream sandwiches.

I can remember eating ice cream sandwiches on a hot summer afternoon and trying to lick every bit of the ice cream as it oozed out the sides of the chocolate wafer cookie.  The last bite was usually runny and it was the best.  Don’t you find that true of a sandwich or a biscuit?  The last bite has just the right amount of mustard, meat and lettuce or butter and jelly to make it the perfect bite.

Well, these ice cream sandwiches were the perfect bite all the way around – from the first bite to the last.

I made up the cookies according to the soft and chewy recipe on the box and let them cool completely before I stored them in an air-tight container.

Peach Gingerbread Ice Cream Cookies

When ready to serve, I pulled out the little bit of ice cream leftover from the first round and let is slightly soften.  I used a small ice cream scoop and placed the ice cream in the center and used an off-set spatula to spread it.  Then topped that with another gingerbread cookie.

I returned each to the freezer as I made it.  They were stored in a freezer container to be served as needed.  They won’t last long.

Strawberry Bundt Cake

My dear friend, Debbie, gave me this recipe years ago and it has stood the test of time.  She was a school teacher.  You know, teachers have the best recipes.

You don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day when the strawberries are at their peak to have some good fresh strawberry taste.  I get anxious for some of those flavors when it is cold outside and this one is really intense, rather dense and sweet.  The cake gets more moist the longer it rests. I make it to take to work and share with all the people I work with a day or so later.

One time Debbie and I made this cake into cupcakes and served it as a strawberry dessert with a little whipped cream with a strawberry slice.  We added orange zest to the cream.  It was the hit of a church luncheon and everybody wanted the recipe.

Our church has talked about another cookbook.  This recipe would have to be included in her memory.  I think that would be a great project and get everyone to add their family favorites.  I bet there would be some great finds.  That’s a thought for a new project.  Writing and editing a cookbook is a real job.  Have you tried putting your family recipes together?  It brings back a lot of wonderful memories and preserves those recipes and memories for your family.  I’ve written two for my family.  It was a lot of fun.

Strawberry Bundt Cake

We are sharing this at Saturday Dishes.  Get your best strawberry dish and come share.

Saturday Dishes

Strawberry Poundcake Pudding

From BigSister

Oh, why not?  If you are going to be bad, be BAD.  Take the dripping with fat and flavor poundcake and add some more.  Then put some strawberries and home-made whip cream on it.  Delicious Decadence! There….I did it.  Now I am going back to the kitchen to make some vegetables.

Assembled Poundcake Pudding

Strawberry Poundcake Pudding

We are sharing this at Saturday Dishes.  Get your best strawberry dish and come share.

Saturday Dishes

Easter Goodies

It’s almost Easter.  Can you believe 2013 is almost one quarter over?  I’m still trying to remember to write “2013!”  Yikes.  So today I am rambling down my Easter trail.  Or should I say hippity-hopping?  I didn’t think I had done anything yet, but as it turns out I have.  I put this little cupcake in my Grandmother’s pink depression glass sherbet dish.  They are such fine glass and such a pretty pink.

Strawberry Cupcakes with Marzipan Strawberries

Anyway, I saw these marzipan strawberries someplace and I just couldn’t get them out of my mind.  I had to try to make them. They were so easy.  I must have done something wrong.  First time trials for me are never easy or turn out right.  I surprised myself.

They inspired me to pull out some of my Easter bunny decorations and get some plastic eggs.  Then yesterday I bought some tulips for a vase on the counter. I wanted something fresh and pretty to look at.  I can’t wait until the outside garden begins to take shape and looks fresh and green. This is a true view of my kitchen counter.  When I walk in the house in the afternoon this is what I get to see.  I like it.

Spring Scene

I baked some mini and regular strawberry size (cake mix) cupcakes.  I trimmed the tops off to make them flat.   Then I warmed a container of cream cheese icing in the microwave until it was a pourable consistency.  Not too long.  I colored mine with Wilton rose gel food coloring.  Gently stir in the color with a toothpick.  Frost the cupcakes with a nice layer, but not enough to dribble down the sides.

For the strawberries:

I bought a roll of marzipan (almond paste).  Using a piece about ½” in size when rolled into a ball, begin to shape the strawberry.  Once you get the shape and size desired, roll it over a ginger grater to get the seed dimples on the berry.

Insert a toothpick in the broad base end and dry slightly on a piece of Styrofoam.  About 4 hours.

While those are drying use a piece of the marzipan to form the green leaves.  Put on your gloves and knead in the green food gel until evenly distributed.   Roll out to about a 1/8” thickness and cut out with a flower cookie cutter.  Shape to a desired fit at the base of the berry.  I affixed the green petal to the berry base with a drop of frosting.

After the berries are slightly dry, brush on a red color dust (Wilton) to your desired shade of red.  I used Rose.

From here you are free to use the berries in any form you want.  I put mine on the strawberry cupcakes.

I still had cupcakes so I made some of my favorite decorator buttercream icing and made a few cupcakes topped with flowers.  I put them on toothpicks and displayed them on a Styrofoam base.  They look like a nice bouquet.

Spring Bloom Cupcakes

I made these sugar eggs last year. Hopping Down the Bunny Trail with Sugar Eggs  These are displayed on a Dollar Tree 3-tiered server I made at Christmas.  I learned about it at Diana Rambles.

Bunnies, Cupcakes, Sugar Eggs

Clear glass plates (2 medium and 1 small) with clear glass short candlesticks.  Glue them together and Voila!!  A display server.

I am getting ready for the Saturday Dishes share party.  I hope you will hop on over!

Saturday Dishes


Banana Bread Pudding with Peanut Crumb Topping

I’ve had this loaf of Double Banana Bread in the freezer for quite some time.  I’m in the process of “eating down” my freezer before garden season allows me to fill it up again.  I’m out of room for anything else.  This loaf of bread kept falling on the floor whenever I reached for a package of zucchini or okra or green chiles.  So I decided to do something with it.

Banana Bread Pudding

I was inspired by my grandmother’s Banana Salad.  It is a luscious layered custard, banana and peanut salad.  I don’t know how it got the name salad because it is truly a dessert.  I had the ground peanuts in the freezer too.  So why not give this a whirl?

When I begin to develop a recipe I have to have the ingredients on hand or I don’t make it.  Thank goodness I had canned milk because all I had in the frig was 0% fat milk.  I wasn’t sure that would make a good custard. I have also included the banana bread recipe in case you don’t have any laying around.  I got it from Silver Boxes way back in November. That is how long it has been in my freezer.  It is good all by itself.

Banana Bread Pudding

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I am taking this divine dessert to brunch at Saturday Dishes.  Come and see all of the great recipes that are there starting this Saturday morning.

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Spring Bouquet of Cupcakes

I have decided I am going to work my way through my mother’s 1947 edition of Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book and find some recipes to share.  I can tell you hers was well-used.  The pages are dog-eared, worn, dirty and precious to me.  I will write the instructions as they are written in the book.  It is amazing to me how scanty the instructions are.  I think because it assumed the user already knew how to cook and instructions in detail weren’t necessary.

I have adapted a recipe for petits fours for this cupcake.  I wanted a cake that would not crumble or fall apart when removed from the cupcake paper.  This one stood up to the test.  It will be my new favored cupcake recipe.  I did change the flavoring from vanilla/almond to butter/lemon and I used ½ cup of shortening rather than ¼ cup butter and ¼ cup shortening.

I can remember as a little girl looking through this mostly at the few colored pages and marveling at the beautiful displays of food and flowers and table settings.  I also remember reading some helpful substitutions and various hints about cooking that I still use today.  I’ll share some of those with you as we go too.

I love flowers.  Have I said that before?  Well, I should have.  I prefer the kind I can cut from my own garden.  Next the kind the florist delivers.  After that any kind of flowers.  These little candy flowers have been on my mind.  Now that it’s March I felt it was time to act on my thoughts.

When my kids were little they were invited to “flower the cross” on Easter morning.  Each child brought a small nosegay of flowers wrapped in tin foil that could fit through a hole in a wooden cross.  It was miraculous to see it fill out with flowers of every color and assortment.  I was always conscious I had to buy flowers for my kids.  I didn’t have any I grew.  As time went by I remedied that and they grew up and didn’t do that custom any more.  It was a wonderful tradition.

So, for you I have baked some mini cupcakes and covered them with colorful flowers.

Bouquet of Cupcake Flowers

Bloomin Cupcake

Thin Mint Brownies

Thin Mint Brownie Pie

Girls Scouts.  So many wonderful memories.  We talk about “Make New Friends, But Keep the Old.”  I remember cookie sales and cookie deliveries almost in the middle of the night.  One time at a tennis court at 10:00PM.  Seems like that was the only place this lady spent her time.  I don’t know how Krista found her at home to sell her cookies!

Thin Mints are my favorites.  I don’t usually buy them because I don’t need them around the house to tempt me.  But this cute little girl was with her momma outside a store on a very windy Friday.  She was trying to sell the most of anyone in the troop.  She was campaigning for the Girl Scouts and I was impressed.  So I bought this box of cookies.

I was tempted to open them when I saw a box mix of Duncan Hines Snack Size Brownies in the pantry.  Why not add a little more chocolate to the brownies and a little mint?  We all know how much I like to use mint.  (Check back to the Christmas time cookies.)  These just have to be good.

So I quickly gathered my ingredients.  I put a sleeve of Thin Mints in a plastic bag and beat them up into small chunks with my wooden mallet.

Crumbled Thin Mints

I topped these brownies with 8 more cookies.  (Just to remove the temptation.) There were a few left so I put them in the freezer for safe keeping.  We all know how frozen cookies lose their flavor!

Give these a try and support the Girl Scouts at the same time. They are fine women when they grow up.  I have two of them in my family to prove that.

Speaking of Girl Scouts….it has been a few weeks since we met a new friend.  Come and meet my new friend Rachel who love’s her disorganized life at New Friend Friday.

Two Tone Cupcakes for St. Patrick’s Day

Wilton Two Tone Cupcake MakerI was in Austin at Sur la Table searching out some new and unusual (but very necessary) cooking utensil when I came across this Wilton Two Tone Cupcake Insert “thing”.  That was just what I needed.  Whenever I am in a cooking store I develop this frenzied feeling to find something new and different.  (Like I need anything else to cook with.)

I had been planning all sorts of things to do with this.  How creative could I get?  Then along comes St. Patrick’s Day.  Well of course green and white velvet cupcakes with buttercream icing.

St. Patrick's Day Two Tone Cupcakes

Krista said no more red velvet.  She never mentioned green velvet.   Come on now.  It’s a great recipe no matter what color food coloring you use.  It has a great consistency and I have had a lot of experience with it.

Green and White Cupcake

TGIF Chocolate Cake

TGIF!!!  I don’t know why, but I am really looking forward to this weekend.  I had a very short week last week and a wonderful long weekend in Austin with Krista and Eric.   I was so excited I baked a cake Thursday night to share with everyone at work.  It must have been very good.  I’ve been asked for the recipe a bunch of times.  It was so good that some people I told I baked a cake for today via email, didn’t get here fast enough to get a piece.  Sorry.  I’ll do it again.

I have adapted this recipe and frosting from several sources to fit what I had on hand and what I thought would work best.  Good chocolate cake is pretty basic:  flour, sugar, chocolate, etc.  You know.  Enjoy!  We did.

Chocolate Cake

Red Velvet Cake 3 Ways

Welcome to my Valentine blowout, spectacular!I decided to only make 1 cake mix, but use it in several different baking pans.

First I made Red Velvet Cake Baked Donuts and covered them with a glaze of hot pink and decorated them with conversation hearts.

Red Velvet Glazed Donuts

Then I made mini Red Velvet Bundt Cakes.  I found this cute little Bundt mold at Target while searching fruitlessly for heart-shaped red hots.  I never did locate those in this wonderful grocery(less) town.  Why can’t we have HEB or Trader Joe’s?  I dusted these with a little powdered sugar.  I would have decorated them with heart-shaped red hots if I could have ever found any.

Red Velvet Mini Bundt Cakes

Of course, I had to make mini Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese icing roses.  What?  Had I lost my mind?  It took two hours to make 12 little roses.  Why you ask?  You see it is such a runny frosting (even with Wilton meringue powder)  it had to be refrigerated after each step of making the rose to hold its shape.  As I type they are in the refrigerator.  I doubt they will ever make it to work with any resemblance to a rose.  This was not a good idea.  I will NOT try this one again.  Talk about frustrating.  It just sounded like a good idea (in a nightmare sometime). At least it is a good cake.

Red Velvet Rose Cupcakes

Happy Valentine's Day