What’d You Do This Weekend? #3

Happy Monday?  I guess.  Welcome back to the weekend recap party.  I love hearing and seeing what you did.  Also, welcome to anyone that hasn’t been here before.  I am so glad you found the party.

I am happy to introduce my co-host this week.  Please meet her majesty Bonny from The Domesticated Princess and take a ramble over to her site. (She is a Princess and I am just a Contessa but us Texas royalty gotta stick together.)

The featured link from last week is Stupid Cupid from Pearls on a Pig.  Maureen talks about her daughter Meghan and the Girl Scouts a lot on this page.  She has some great and clever ideas for baking, crafts and activities. She designed costumes for her scouts to wear when selling cookies at booths around town!  I played this game with my co-workers and we had so much fun!  The winner got a cake of their choice baked by me.

I am open to everything except promos, political material and Etsy Shops. Recipes, crafts, house and yard projects, sewing, restaurant review or even your weekend road trip ramblings are all welcome links. You’ll note by the title of the site that I like ramblings! Whatever. I like to read and learn new things. I will be having weekly features that I will promote on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest our Monthly Newsletter and anyplace else I can think to share.  We just ask that you place our button on your post or on your parties page or link us somewhere. 

Recipes and Ramblins with the Tumbleweed Contessa
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So, let’s ramble shall we? I was back on track this weekend to eating healthy after Valentine’s festivities.  I co-hosted a hop called Saturday dishes and featured my salmon dish there.  I also went to a lovely dinner party at Grace Gardens in El Paso.  Next week, I’ll be able to tell you about my trip to Austin.  I am going to visit my oldest daughter.

Salmon with Mustard Sauce

What did YOU do?  Show me!

Saturday Dishes-Seafood

Saturday Dishes

I am happy to be co-hosting this blog hop with Savannah from Hammock Tracks and Paula from Call Me PMC.   Each week we have a theme.  This week it is Fish and Shrimp.

This week is pushing me outside my comfort zone.  I am not a lover of fish.  You probably have noticed a deficit of those recipes on this site.  My son did some good tacos.  He really likes them.  If someone else cooks it, I might be tempted to try it.  I do my token salmon fillet or croquettes on occasion.  I would eat chicken 10 times before fish.  So here goes.  I was surprised at how good this was.

Salmon with Mustard Sauce


If you are a foodie blogger share your favorite seafood dish with us this week.  If you are a food creator and looking to make something fresh from the sea find your favorite recipes, and create your grocery list before you head out to the store.

To view all of the upcoming “Saturday Dishes” themes, click here.

Be sure to visit Hammock Tracks and Call Me PMC as we will each feature different posts from the previous week party.

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My featured blog for this week is: Real Housemoms and their awesome looking Snickers Chocolate Cake.   I love Snickers and cake and I love the Real Housemoms too.  They always have something delicious to eat at their site.

Snickers Chocolate Cake #snickers #dessert

Now show us what you “sea.”

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I feature all of my favorites from around the blogosphere at Weekly Rays of Sunshine on Saturday mornings.  Also, don’t forget to come to my Monday linky party to tell me what you did this weekend.
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Fish Tacos and Steak-Andy Cooks

A perfect post to share with Slightly Indulgent Tuesday’s!

All three of my children cook. They have their specialties and each has their favorites with their own twists.  My son has taken to cooking recently.  Healthy cooking at that!  This is a big change for him.  He was eating out A LOT and it wasn’t healthy.  He’s the baby of the family, but all grown up.  My two girls make delicious things too.  They aren’t too much into baking.  Amy makes great party food and Krista is very creative with herbs and chile.

I think this food blog is rubbing off on him.  He sends me some pictures of what he cooked for dinner and then immediately calls me to describe what it was he made for dinner.  When he calls it is usually around 900PM and I’m not prepared to write down all the ingredients.  He is into fish.  You will notice there are not too many (if any) recipes that use fish from me.  This is new for us all.  He didn’t learn to cook fish from me.

He made fish tacos because someone gave him some homegrown peppers at work.  That spurred him on to combine the peppers, cilantro, onion together in a skillet and sauté them.  He rubbed tilapia with red chile powder, salt, pepper and a seasoning blend and warmed his whole wheat tortillas in a skillet. Then he topped the grilled tilapia with the sautéd pepper mix, added an avocado and some lime juice.  I do believe he has great promise as a home cook.  He didn’t know what kinds of peppers they were, but they were HOT!  They look good.


Another evening he made a great steak and sent me that picture.  He uses a George Foreman table top grill that he loves.  I think this steak was marinated in Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper and a dry steak seasoning blend.  He marinated this overnight because he decided not to cook one night.  So it was well marinated when he cooked it.  He served it with asparagus and mushrooms he sautéed in butter.  Looks pretty good to me.

When he lived at home he made chicken breasts marinated in Italian salad dressing or he fried flautas.  They were a mess and guess who did the dishes?  Now he cooks things that don’t make a mess as he has to clean them up himself.  At least he is thinking healthy and that is way ahead of when I started thinking of eating healthy food.  Good idea for us all!

Salmon Croquettes-Teach a Woman to Cook Fish

Salmon“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. “

“Teach a woman to cook fish and she will still want to go out for a steak. “

In the food community how can we not feel for Paula Deen right now?  I especially feel for her.  I had to go through food rehab some years ago.  I don’t like it…I do however, like living and feeling pretty good because of my good choices.

Fish is not my favorite food.  Although everything I read and hear would make me want to try more of it considering the benefits.  My daughter suggested I put out some recipes regarding “my healthfulness” in January’s posts, so here we go.  I think about food constantly and am always on the search for delicious, rich recipes.  I truly don’t eat much of what I publish.  I used to.  I have tried all my recipes or had others try them. (My office friends are often “guinea pigs” and very devoted and honest ones, at that.)  But this recipe is low fat, low carb and low calorie, and it amazingly tastes good.  I make these and put them on a bed of lettuce in the summer.  In the winter ½ cup of brown rice with the tomato sauce is also good to serve.  My momma would have served these with pan fried potatoes and onions.  I ate a lot of those in my “other life.”

What are your favorite ways to fix fish?  Share some especially healthy ways  that taste good.  I need help!