Easter Goodies

It’s almost Easter.  Can you believe 2013 is almost one quarter over?  I’m still trying to remember to write “2013!”  Yikes.  So today I am rambling down my Easter trail.  Or should I say hippity-hopping?  I didn’t think I had done anything yet, but as it turns out I have.  I put this little cupcake in my Grandmother’s pink depression glass sherbet dish.  They are such fine glass and such a pretty pink.

Strawberry Cupcakes with Marzipan Strawberries

Anyway, I saw these marzipan strawberries someplace and I just couldn’t get them out of my mind.  I had to try to make them. They were so easy.  I must have done something wrong.  First time trials for me are never easy or turn out right.  I surprised myself.

They inspired me to pull out some of my Easter bunny decorations and get some plastic eggs.  Then yesterday I bought some tulips for a vase on the counter. I wanted something fresh and pretty to look at.  I can’t wait until the outside garden begins to take shape and looks fresh and green. This is a true view of my kitchen counter.  When I walk in the house in the afternoon this is what I get to see.  I like it.

Spring Scene

I baked some mini and regular strawberry size (cake mix) cupcakes.  I trimmed the tops off to make them flat.   Then I warmed a container of cream cheese icing in the microwave until it was a pourable consistency.  Not too long.  I colored mine with Wilton rose gel food coloring.  Gently stir in the color with a toothpick.  Frost the cupcakes with a nice layer, but not enough to dribble down the sides.

For the strawberries:

I bought a roll of marzipan (almond paste).  Using a piece about ½” in size when rolled into a ball, begin to shape the strawberry.  Once you get the shape and size desired, roll it over a ginger grater to get the seed dimples on the berry.

Insert a toothpick in the broad base end and dry slightly on a piece of Styrofoam.  About 4 hours.

While those are drying use a piece of the marzipan to form the green leaves.  Put on your gloves and knead in the green food gel until evenly distributed.   Roll out to about a 1/8” thickness and cut out with a flower cookie cutter.  Shape to a desired fit at the base of the berry.  I affixed the green petal to the berry base with a drop of frosting.

After the berries are slightly dry, brush on a red color dust (Wilton) to your desired shade of red.  I used Rose.

From here you are free to use the berries in any form you want.  I put mine on the strawberry cupcakes.

I still had cupcakes so I made some of my favorite decorator buttercream icing and made a few cupcakes topped with flowers.  I put them on toothpicks and displayed them on a Styrofoam base.  They look like a nice bouquet.

Spring Bloom Cupcakes

I made these sugar eggs last year. Hopping Down the Bunny Trail with Sugar Eggs  These are displayed on a Dollar Tree 3-tiered server I made at Christmas.  I learned about it at Diana Rambles.

Bunnies, Cupcakes, Sugar Eggs

Clear glass plates (2 medium and 1 small) with clear glass short candlesticks.  Glue them together and Voila!!  A display server.

I am getting ready for the Saturday Dishes share party.  I hope you will hop on over!

Saturday Dishes


Comments (7)

  1. Lizy @ http://justdipitinchocolate.blogspot.com/

    So adorable! I can’t bake to save my life…so I will just admire yours!

  2. Savannah

    These are beautiful, Linda.

  3. Paula

    Looks great, Linda!!

  4. Foster

    What beautiful ideas for Easter. I especially like the cupcake bouquet!

  5. Diane

    So beautiful! They almost look to pretty to eat ;) I love the idea of using the plates and a candle stick to make the stand!

  6. Chandra@The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen

    How Pretty! I could just gobble these right up! Thanks for sharing at Show Me Your Plaid Monday’s!

  7. Tonia@thegunnysack

    Delicious! Happy Easter!


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