Grandma Birdie’s Banana Bread

My father’s mother deserves at least her own blog title.  Talk about an amazing lady.  The post mistress of the town where everyone knew and loved her.  A little house that could hold more people than you could imagine and there was always room for one more.  I’ll be sharing a lot of stuff from Grandma Birdie with you along the way.  I  remember her tiny kitchen and the drawer that would swing out where she kept snacks.  It was lined with tin so she could store breads, cookies, and other treats.  We would eat at the little table in the kitchen as kids.  When we were in Kansas to remove all the personal items before the sale of her house, that drawer still had the same smell of all her fresh baked quick breads like banana, pumpkin and dill/onion.  Her kitchen always had ripening bananas in it.  A hint of good things to come.  

Comments (2)

  1. BigSister

    Banana Salad! Banana Salad! And no ladies this is not in ANY diet book :)

  2. MiddleSister

    After all these years, its hard to know which were Grandma Birdie’s and which are someone else’s. Doesn’t really matter to me, so long as they are passed down.


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