Green Wreath for the Garden Gate

I’m getting ready to launch into my garden and get it together. My back screen has had a wreath on the inside of the door (so I can see it from the inside with the door closed.) I was looking at this wreath that I hung on my back screen gate years ago. I don’t even know how long ago. It was dusty, faded and totally ignored. Why do I keep things like that? I am in and out of the door dozens of times all Spring and Summer and had let it become quite neglected. I had driven past Michael’s the day before and saw all their Spring flowers out front for 50% off. I decided it was time to renew the wreath.

The first color to jump out at me was the lime green and whites. Tulips were my focus point and I found tulips. The rest was easy. I picked out some small white narcissus, a bunch of the same color green zinnias, some dogwood that had some green buds that same shade of green. I don’t know how much I saved on this project but it was a good deal. Total was under $17 with tax included. Of course I had the wreath form and paint on hand.

I took the old grapevine wreath off the door. I removed the sunflowers and greenery that were on it. Next I took it outside and gave it much needed washing with the water hose to remove any excess dust. There was a lot of it. The wreath was suddenly bright and new looking. After it dried in the sun and 40+ mph wind, I sprayPatio Furniture painted the entire thing the same color green as the tulips. I just happened to have that color spray paint leftover from last year’s re-do on my patio table and chairs. The chair on the right is that shade of green.  Looking at this reminds me I need to do some touch-up painting on these.  The colors have faded a lot since last year.  If the wind ever stops blowing I’ll do this first.

Wreath Form

Anyway, once the wreath was dry I brought it in and sort of played with a layout  and began to intertwine the flower stems in the grapevine wreath.  I like these wreaths.  They don’t require all the wiring like the wire-frame wreaths.


In about 30 minutes I had this assembled and hung with pipe cleaners on the back screen gate.

Gardent Gate Wreath

What you need:

  • 1 wreath form (I had a grapevine wreath)
  • Artificial flowers –  various bloom sizes and shades of your color theme (I cut them apart leaving the stems as long as possible from the bunch they come together as.) You can always trim them as short as desired as you begin to fill in the wreath.
  • (Optional)Spray paint if you want the wreath base a color (if not natural is very nice)
  • Pipe cleaners for attaching any flower heads that won’t stay in place and hanging.

Happy Springing


Comments (10)

  1. Lorie

    How absolutely Lovely…

  2. Liz

    I love the colors you painted your patio furniture! And your wreath is beautiful!

  3. Nikki

    Very pretty! I have never made a wreath, but you make it look easy :)

  4. Linda@With A Blast

    Your wreath screams SPRING ! And I love your patio set too ;-) Thank you for sharing at our ALL MY BLOGGY FRIENDS party!

  5. Katherines Corner

    lovely. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite things hop xo

  6. Tilly's Nest

    Lovely and it sure does make me smile and think about spring. Thank you for linking up this week to the blog hop!

  7. Christie - Food Done Light

    Love that this wreath screams Spring. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing on Thursdays Treasures.

  8. Rachel @{I Love} My Disorganized Life

    Cute wreath! Just wanted to say thanks so much for stopping by each week to link up with us at Wicked Good Wednesdays. We love seeing what you bring!!

  9. Mrs. Sarah Coller

    How pretty! I just made a really neat spring wreath too. I love the bright colors and the fresh smells of spring!

  10. Debbie

    Your wreath turned out so beautiful! I love the lime greens, very springy.
    Saw you linking at Mums Make Lists
    Debbie :)


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