Lucky Charmers for St. Patrick’s Day

Kim (a dear foodie friend at my office) told me she thought a cookie she saw on Tumbleweed Contessa’s Facebook page looked great. She asked why I hadn’t made that for them. I never realized people think I make all those wonderful things you all post to FB! So, I told her I’d make them. I frantically went to FB to find the recipe. However, it was from a boxed cake mix. I prefer “scratch” cookies.

I got the idea, but adapted it to fit my favorite cookie recipe. Everybody is raving about these here at work. They love Lucky Charms. I don’t think I ever bought Lucky Charms cereal. (I’m certain my children will correct me.) It took me forever to find them on the grocery aisle with all those cereals. Now I have this opened box of cereal in my pantry. To use up some more I put one of the little marshmallows on the top of each cookie for an added attraction and because Kim said she loved those little marshmallows.

St. Patrick’s Day in El Paso isn’t one of the biggest celebrations, but we try. What do you do to celebrate St. Patty’s Day? Tell me tomorrow on What’d You Do This Weekend? We can make it a BIG GREEN party!

Lucky Charmers

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