New Friend Friday #16

“Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.”

That is what I taught my Girl Scouts. Some things don’t change. I was privileged enough to be caught up in the fantastic world of Online Blogcon. I met around 200 new friends just like that! In a space where folks could be reallycompetitive, they were anything but that. I discovered a group that is supportive, sharing and hysterically funny. They are great and wonderfully talented individuals that have already taught me so much. I wanted to introduce them to you. Read a little bit about them and then take a ramble over to their site and check them out.  Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Julie from the Naptime Review.  Julie is a very smart lady who inspires and motivates with her blog.

Julie Naptime Review

I created my blog because I love shopping and am passionate when I find a product that I love. I want to share it with everyone! I took my love for shopping and turned it into a way to help others. I have always had the need to help, influence, and support people. I am creative, and love to design things. Motherhood is my life and I am always looking for products that make my life easier or will enrich my children’s. I truly enjoy blogging and meeting new friends and am fascinated with the blogging world and all the people it reaches. I am so thankful God has led me down this path!

I have a Masters in teaching and B.S. in Marketing and Sales. I love educational products and I am always looking for ways to entertain my girls while teaching them. My time is limited with two small children but when the children nap in sync which is a rare occasion, that’s when I search the internet for new products or deals. Naptime Review will give moms the latest information on products that I LOVE and want to share.

The Naptime Review

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  1. Cheryl Nicholl

    Well it is Friday. And I just found your great blog! So I guess we could be friends! Such a lovely site! I like. I’ll follow!

  2. The Contessa


    Lovely to have you come along with us. Have a food weekend.



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