Parties I Ramble To

I love to go to all these parties and share my stuff. You should stop in.  These folks’ party is always open!  If I attended your party and you don’t see your button here please forgive my Faux Pas.  You know how it is when you are partying….things can get kind of wild.  Please send me an email and I will correct this ASAP.  If you find a new party here please be sure to tell the hostess thank you and get the button code from their site to include on your site!








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  1. Kathy Wise


  2. Pamela Steed Hill

    Thanks for the continued opportunity to share a link on “What’d You Do This Weekend?” I just linked up my Texas-Style Chili recipe but didn’t mean for it to appear twice! Could you remove the image that has my name under it and leave only the one with the name of the recipe?

    Sorry for the trouble—thanks much!


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