Plank Grilled Zucchini Boats with Cous Cous

From MiddleSister:

My husband actually picked this recipe to support my healthy eating.  Poor thing, the next morning, I found an empty leftover take out pizza box.  But, I loved it.  The original recipe came from Cooking Light’s Way to Cook Grilling cookbook.  I changed it up quite a bit.  I grilled and then stuffed the zucchini.  It suggested stuffing and then grilling.  I added bacon and flavored olive oil.  Personally, I think you would get much better flavor out of the shallots and spinach if they were sauteed and then you added the broth.

While it really was quite filling and satisfying as a main dish, I think next time, I would serve one as a side dish to a chicken breast with Chimichurri or a lemon-basil chicken breast.  You could also chop up the zucchini and mix it in with the cous cous, but then use a larger skillet. I would still salt and grill it because the flavor of the zucchini alone was amazing.

Zucchini Boats

I just can’t decide what to take to Yahoo Shine Supper club this month.  So, I’ll take this one over with my beets.

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  1. Liz

    What a marvelous filling! I love your zucchini boats :)

  2. The Contessa

    Who would have thought a new grill would turn John into a foodie?

  3. Cynthia L.

    I love zucchini! This recipe looks so good. I love to grill them when the weather is nice.

    What a sweet husband to wait till later to eat the pizza!

    Thank you for linking up to the In and Out of the Kitchen Link party! I am always happy to see you.

    Cynthia at

  4. Raquel @ Organized Island

    That looks really tasty and I love zucchini! Now I am hungry :)

  5. Alice (@mumsmakelists)

    Oh these look so good!

    Would love for you to link up at Empty Your Archive. We have a special focus this week on fabulous veg recipes, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

  6. Hope @ Fairhope Supply Co.

    I’ve made a version of these before, and people loved them! Your recipe looks interesting. I may have to give it a try soon!


  7. Rachel @

    Yummy!!! I love Zucchini and couscous is one of my favorite healthy things… this sounds great! Thanks for linking it up!

  8. Brandi

    Oh this looks delicious! Totally making this with some of the zucchini from our garden this year! Thanks for linking up at the Make Bake Create Party today!

  9. The Tumbleweed Contessa (Post author)

    Yummy! Thanks for sharing MiddleSister. Your contribution is appreciated.

  10. BigSister

    Indeedy…I really like this one and can’t wait to try it!

  11. Sinea Pies

    Oh these look so good! Thanks so much for sharing them on my blog hop. Hope to see you again next week!


  12. Deirdre

    That looks so great- zucchini is delicious on the grill. Thank you for sharing on Photo Friday blog hop!

  13. Diana Rambles

    I’d gobble these bad boys down really quickly!! YUM!


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