I get inspiration to make something when I hear and think about it all day.  A friend at work made Chicken Piccata for her son’s birthday.  That sounded so good to me.  I just had to have something with that acidic taste.  I didn’t have any lemons.  So I looked around the pantry and spied the Balsamic vinegar.  Why not?

Now I’m back on my “life style eating” plan (not a diet) so you can’t see the 4 ounces of chicken breast under the vegetables.  It’s there.  I should have used Canola oil rather than olive oil and no butter.  The chicken had no fat on it, so a little flavor was necessary.

I get carried away during the holidays and eat things that aren’t good for me.  Winter is not necessarily a good time to restart, but I have to do it sometime.  I have gradually given up Taco Cabana’s chicken flautas.  I just can’t go cold turkey!  Now it’s time to get serious and focused.  I think I have all the issues I need to worry about out of the way (I hope). I can concentrate on not eating everything I take a picture of for you to try.

Resolution/Solution:  Eat more salads, vegetables and chicken.  Try fish once in a while.

Balsamic Glazed Chicken