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Grilled Cheese Green Chile Burger-Where’s the Beef?

Where’s the beef?  Remember that line from the old Wendy’s commercials on tv?  Everybody was saying it.  I’m not really sure what that was referring to.  But I think it was the little lady who said it that caught our attention.  Anyway – I liked beef then and I like it now.  I just don’t eat it very often.  Not nearly as often as chicken and certainly more than fish.

Savannah picked beef as our topic for Saturday Dishes this week, so I dutifully followed her suggestion and made a Grilled Cheese Green Chile Burger on Grilled Toast.  If I’m gonna make it beef it might as well have every other flavor I enjoy too.  Now this can be made with ground turkey or chicken and still have all the flavors.  Not me, oh no!  Beef it will be and it was good!  Not the most original beef dish, but my favorite!  What’s yours?

Grilled Cheese Green Chile Burger

I got a new Le Creuset Red Skinny Grill for my birthday.  I love this.  It is just the right size for a small serving.  The wind was blowing at 50+mph when I made these, so no way would I do them on the outside grill.  It worked great.

Grilled Burger

Grilled Cheese Green Chile Burger

Then add the toppings and you’re ready to eat.  Steak fries would be good too.(In my dreams!)  Ok, so you can’t see the beef too well because I like all the toppings just as well as the beef.  Green chiles and avocado especially.   I don’t care for too much lettuce on my burgers unless it is finely shredded and on top of a Whataburger.

Come on over to Saturday dishes and share your favorite beef dish.

Saturday Dishes

Spice Up for Spring-Green Enchilada Casserole

All the way home from work I was thinking about Mexican food.  I never got over in a lane where I could turn into any place to get it to take home.  So I had to make my own.

For some reason I bought some flour tortillas the other day while I was shopping.  I think I was intending on a chicken taco salad with the shell baked in some new tortilla bowl molds I bought.  (Another day!)  In the pantry I had all the fixings I needed to make my own Mexican flavored dinner.

When I get hungry for the taste of enchiladas nothing else will do.  All I had were flour tortillas.  I could make burritos or enchiladas; however I settled on this little casserole which now has provided plenty of leftovers.  I don’t usually use refried beans, but these also have the flavor or nachos with the beans.  So I have technically taken care of 2 hankerings I might have.

I used to make Nachos Grande on Sunday night.  A little labor intensive, but so well worth the taste.  Tostada chips spread with the beans (individually), topped with browned ground meat, green chiles, onions, tomatoes and cheese.  Broil until the cheese bubbles and eat them fast while they are still warm.  Andy would warm up the leftovers in the microwave.  That didn’t appeal to me.

I like the taste of raw onions on my enchiladas.  If you don’t, you can brown the onions with the ground meat.

Green Enchilada Casserole

Stuffed Peppers and Skillet Roasted Eggplant

I was hungry for a meal I would have made my family – way long time ago.  I had a bell pepper and some ground meat and an eggplant.  Two out of three were healthy, so I decided to proceed.  I didn’t want to use the oven and wait.  I decided to try stuffed bell peppers in a deep wok pan and the eggplant in a skillet.  I got those good flavors I was thinking about, but a little quicker and in a much smaller portion.  When my family was all at home, I made a lot of food.  It has taken me years to whittle down my portions.  Some things don’t taste as good unless I make them in volume to feed five.

We didn’t eat leftovers back then.  Hank didn’t like those, unless it was a ham.  Later on Andy would eat leftover casseroles or anything he could put on a flour tortilla and warm up in the microwave.  I eat leftover in almost any fashion.  Until I get tired of it.

I still make Spicy Spaghetti Sauce and lasagna to feed an army and Vegetable Soup or Chicken Soup is down to about 5-6 servings now.  Those are always good to have on hand.

This meal was good for two meals for me.  Perfect, so I could get home from walking, take care of a few chores and warm up dinner before Grey’s Anatomy started. Your peppers will be tender and the rice and meat will have that good pepper flavor too.

Be sure to check out some updates from my new friends over at New Friend Friday this week.

Tex Mex Ravioli…the good old days

I am into full January swing now, cleaning out closets, organizing everything and eating healthy again.  I long for the good old days of November and December when I could eat what I wanted without remorse because, “it’s the holidays!”  Alas…I’ll feel better once this becomes routine.  Its the right thing to do and I’ll feel better and energized for gardening.

In the meantime, I do have my pictures to ramble through now that I am blogging.  Even though I posted a million cookie recipes I did actually cook dinner those months too.  So, now I can share with you and live through the memories of that good food!

I have a not so secret addiction to new kitchen gadgets and while I was out doing my Christmas shopping, I occasionally came across a deal to good to pass up.  Such was the case with my new ravioli stamp.  It was on sale at Sur La Table.  You know they have good stuff there.  So, while I was picking up gifts this fell into my basket.  I had to get home and try it out. Silly thing that I am, I didn’t buy a pasta roller though.  Never you worry, Tyler Florence pasta recipe rolled out great with just a rolling-pin.  I really didn’t want Italian though.  I was more in the mood for enchiladas….and…  VOILA!  Tex Mex Ravioli.  It was delicious!  Hope you enjoy it.

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Black Tie Stir Fry

A Guest Post by MiddleSister a What’s On Hand Dinner

Happy 2013!!! Tonight, I decided to clean out the fridge and call it dinner. With the mixture that I had on hand, stir fry was a sure deal, but I had to change it up a little. I didn’t feel like rice, and I had some bowtie pasta on hand. My husband always wants some red meat so veggie and pasta alone would not do. Everything else was thanks to a left over veggie tray, some frozen broccoli begging to leave the freezer and some veggies that were not looking to make it much longer and be as fresh as I would like them to be.

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I’m Addicted

I am addicted to the Food Network and now the Cooking Channel.  Their shows don’t inspire me to make all those recipes, but I have learned wonderful techniques that make preparing a meal quicker and more economical.  Most of all I am inspired to try a lot of food I would never have thought about.   Now that I am in the blogosphere I enjoy reading other cook’s experience and perspective as much as I do those shows.

I watch Paula, Ina and Giada make all those wonderful food items and just get angry that I can’t jump up and make them to eat RIGHT NOW! But I am diabetic and I just can’t let myself do that to myself.  I go out to eat and watch all the delicious foods come out, read the menu and pick a chicken breast. It used to make me depressed until I realized the real winner is me when I don’t give in to my temptations.  I feel satisfied with the meal and with myself for making the right choices for me.

I love to cook and especially bake.  Thank goodness I have several outlets to share my creativity.   The people I work with have been fed well for years.  My Dr.’s office staff have to endure cookies and candy at Christmas.  He knows I don’t eat it – the proof is in the test results.  And, of course, my church.  The first Sunday of each month we take baked goods to a homeless shelter.  This little project gives me the chance to write about food as well and then I don’t need to cook.  And some days I do NEED to cook.  It is a great release and gives me a sense of accomplishment like nothing else.  Well maybe the garden does that too, but right now the garden is dormant.

My friends at work are always dropping by my desk with a recipe to share.  Some are too complicated or not to my taste and I don’t try them.  Regardless, I appreciate hearing about their adventures in the kitchen.  Courtney mentioned one she can make and have on the table in about 45 minutes.  I’m not sure the nutritional value, but it sounds warm, comforting and economical.

2X4 Soup

  • 2 pounds lean ground meat (you could use ground chicken)
  • 2 18.5 ounce cans Progresso Minestrone Soup
  • 2 15 ounce cans Ranch Style Beans (drained)
  • 2 cans Rotel Tomatoes and Green Chiles


Brown the meat, add the soup, beans and tomatoes.  Heat and serve.

Now a more low carb meal would be the one Nelda gave me on Friday.

Scoopable Chinese Chicken Salad

  • 1 16 ounce package dry broccoli cole slaw
  • 1 8 ounce can sliced water chestnuts, drained
  • 1 cup canned mandarin orange segments packing in juice (light) drained and chopped
  • 1 cup sliced scallions
  • 12 ounces cooked and chopped skinless lean chicken breast
  • ¾ cup low-fat sesame ginger dressing (recommended Newman’s Own Lighten Up)

Mix all ingredients and toss with the salad dressing to coat.    5 servings with about 195 calories per serving.

Thanks Ladies!  Keep em coming.  I love the inspiration.



Football Frenzy II with Salpicon

This would be great served at a Football Playoff Party or even the Super Bowl!  I served this for a party the day of Krista’s high school graduation way back in 1989.  SheSalpicon reminded me of it when she made it for a group of her friends in 2011.  It is as good now as it was then.  Food brings back such good memories of forgotten good times.

We serve it on warmed flour or corn tortillas.  We used to be able to buy mini tortillas that made these into 2-bite appetizers. I would probably make the salad dressing with the dry Italian salad dressing mix.  It is a little more pungent.  And serve it with any of the condiments to your taste.

This is great to serve for a large gathering because you can make it the day before and have it ready to serve cold.

Of course you can use a smaller cut of meat and have the same result for a great family meal.  Makes me hungry just to think about this.  A good excuse to make something old, new again.