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Low Fat Enchilada Soup

Time to get on those New Year’s Resolutions.  Put the cookie dough away and get back to basics.  I am starting with one of my favorites.   It has been cold and gray and nothing will do right now but soup.  I initially thought of one of my rich and warm chili recipes but that contradicts with any sort of healthy eating.  This soup has all the flavor and very little fat, depending on how much cheese one uses for the top and the kind of tortilla chips added.  You’ll note in the picture that I got a little heavy handed with the cheese, but hey, I didn’t have greasy chili!  Somewhere this started as a Weight Watcher’s recipe that I got from a friend over the phone.  I have made a lot of changes to suit my taste including omitting the chicken.  It isn’t a lot of fat, but if I don’t need or miss it, why not leave it out?  Room for more cheese!

Chicken Tortilla Soup-Spicy Soup for Fall

I am dusting this one off for the Recipe Roundup:  GBPRecipeRoundUp

I’m hungry for a tasty, but simple soup.  This is one that can please everybody’s palate.  Make it spicy, spicier, or spiciest depending on what kind of chilé you use and how much.  I have used chopped fresh green chilés if I don’t have fresh jalapeños.

Here in El Paso we have the luxury to live near Hatch, NM where those world famous fresh roasted green chiles are grown.  That is the talk in early fall in El Paso.  “Did you get your chilés yet?”  I buy a 20 pound sack and divide mine into small plastic freezer bags so I have them available all year long.  I do believe they get spicier as the year
goes by.  By summer they are too hot for me to enjoy.  But, by then it is almost time for some more.

Served alone, this is a good Saturday afternoon soup.  With a salad or even a sandwich for the hearty eaters, it is a great dinner.

Now, I don’t want you to think I only make Mexican or spicy foods.  I am about to launch into baking mode to get ready for the eating frenzy called “the holidays.”  So get ready for some good, but simple, family favorites that bring the holidays “home” to me.