The REAL Housewives of Riverton-New Friend Friday 15

“Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.”

That is what I taught my Girl Scouts. Some things don’t change. I was privileged enough to be caught up in the fantastic world of Online Blogcon. I met around 200 new friends just like that! In a space where folks could be reallycompetitive, they were anything but that. I discovered a group that is supportive, sharing and hysterically funny. They are great and wonderfully talented individuals that have already taught me so much. I wanted to introduce them to you. Read a little bit about them and then take a ramble over to their site and check them out.  Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to four new friends.  These ladies bring new meaning to the word housewife with all they do and love.  I love that they share their families, food and crafts but the blessing of friendship and working together is the story here.

I’m Paula from The REAL Housewives of Riverton.  First off I want to say thank you to
Tumbleweed Contessa for letting us be a part of her fun, New Friends
Friday!  I’m so happy to get to introduce
myself, my friends and our blog to you all!
So let me tell you a little about each of us Housewives…
(Paula, Lisa, Jenn, Gena)
Housewife Jenn is a busy mom of 7 children and loving wife
to 1.  She loves to sew and craft and the
occasional adventure in baking.  She
shares all of her awesome creations with us and always finds a way to make it
look so easy!
(Jenn in yellow, Paula in grey)
Housewife Paula loves to bake!  That’s not to say all of her creations come
out as planned (just ask Housewife Jenn who is also her sister!:-))  She runs around after her three boys and is
grateful for a husband that is willing to taste test all of her culinary
Housewife Lisa is a creative genius.  While most of us can claim to be crafty, Lisa
can envision a creation and bring it life!
Her calling with our church’s young women let’s her impart her creative
talents to them also.  Lisa married her
high school sweetheart and is a great mother to her 3 children.
(Lisa and her daughter)
Housewife Gena just might be the busiest housewife of us
all!  With a full-time job outside of the
home and three very busy children at home it’s amazing she has time to make the
most awesome cards, raise chickens, grow an amazing garden and so much more!
(Gena at her surprise birthday party last year)
Our blog covers a wide range of things from crafts to food
to home improvement.  You also get a
view into our crazy lives!  With 16 kids
between us ranging from 2 years old to 20 years old, you can imagine that we
are constantly going in 50 different directions all the time.   But we love it and love getting to share all that
with our reader friends!
In case you are wondering what we are up to on a regular
basis here are a few of our favorite things…
We also have a linky party every Wednesday that we love
because we get to see all of the amazing creations of our friends in the blog
world!  We are really enjoying this
blogging adventure and hope that you will stop by from time to time to see what
we are up to.  Big thanks again to
Tumbleweed Contessa for letting us take over her blog for a moment!

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