Valentine’s Wreath

A Guest Post by Big Sister

Shhhhh…..don’t tell my Mom.  She is not a big fan of these wreaths.  I am so seldom crafty though, I had fun with this one and I have the administrator credentials to her site :).  This is so easy and so vague.  No real measuring and even not being able to cut straight lines is fine!  I would still not add crafty to my repertoire.  I think I once successfully completed a latch hook rug when I was 7 and my Mom owned a craft shop and maybe I did a tie dye shirt….once.

Valentine's Wreath

I saw something like this that was crazy popular on Pinterest.   Then I had to do it my way.  I am certain I have not done it justice.  I was thinking about my nieces so I added the tulle around the outside.  I am sending this to them as a surprise Valentine present.  I hope y’all can take this idea and make it better.

Comments (2)

  1. Katherines Corner

    It’s lovely . the perfect touch for V day decor. xo

  2. The Contessa (Linda)

    How much fabric did you use? What kind of knots did you tie? I think it is whimsical and cute. Just right for Valentine’s Day!


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