Weekly Rays of Sunshine #21

My love for my blog has increased my blog reading addiction. Not only that, but now I have fully committed to the Pinterest bug. Pin! Pin! Pin! There is so much to see, I am afraid I might miss the very best thing ever. Maybe you have the same concerns? Just in case, every Saturday, I will put up my weekly favorites so that you don’t miss something very important. I try to limit myself to 10 but sometimes there are just too many. Enjoy! Tell them I sent you.

Once a Mom Always a Cook:  Chicken Enchiladas with Cream of Jalapeno Sauce

Cheerios and Lattes:  Mexican Wonton Cups

A Cozy Place Called Home:  Sweet or Savory Carrot Casserole

Chef in Training:  Chicken Pillows

Chef in Training:  Breakfast Puffins

The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen: Bunny Tail Lemon Cookies

Cozy Country Living:  Chilled Pistachio Cake

Chocolate, Chocolate and More: Lemon Sour Cream Pound Cake

Back for Seconds:  Flower Pot Cakes

Off The Cutting Board:  Mega Meatloaf

What’s Cooking in the Burbs: Slow Cooker Italian Chicken with Penne

Barbara Bakes:  Hawaiian Sweet Bread

Salt Tree:  Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

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