What To Do with Meyer Lemons? Gettin Ready to Garden


Today I had to move the lemon tree for some work being done and I found 2 more lemons.  I am off to make a delicious sounding pie recipe that I found.  Stay tuned!!!

More Meyer Lemons

Is it Spring yet?  I know where a lot of you live it is a long time til Spring.  It can come creeping in here at any time.  Of course, the winds will blow about 40mph before it really gets warm.  I am so ready for warm and sunshine at the end of the day. When does the time change?  That always confuses me.

I had a man come and clean up the yard and flower beds on Saturday.  At least he did the heavy cleaning up.  It’s not quite perfect yet, but I can manage after the winds quit blowing to get the beds all ready for planting.    While he was doing that I trimmed up the plants on the front porch.  I have some things in pots that are well protected from any frost.  As I was sweeping up I looked under the leaves of my Meyer Lemon tree (right next to the aloe vera plant) and there was this bright yellow lemon!  I have tried to take very good care of this plant.  My daughter had one that we bought in PA that produced the most wonderfully sweet lemons!  It smelled wonderful when it bloomed.  It was so large when she moved back to Texas (thank goodness) she had to leave the lemon tree in the care of her best friend.  But, alas, it missed her tender loving care and didn’t survive the move to a new house.

There are more on the tree that are still quite green and very hard.  I wonder if they will ripen?  I’ll keep you informed as I did last year with squash, eggplant and peppers.  I cannot wait!  Every Fall I say I’m not doing this again.  Then February comes and I start getting very anxious for warmth and planting and watching everything grow.  I never get tired of it.

Now what to do with 1 little lemon?  It has to be something special.  Any thoughts?

Meyer Lemon

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  1. Meghan

    I have a little meyer lemon tree but haven’t had the best luck with it – its seemed to have survived the winter outside this year though, so maybe we’ll get lemons sometime next winter? You should do something with that lemon that will really showcase its flavor – maybe dress some lightly steamed veggies with the juice and zest? Lucky you!


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